Work Package Description

The following paragraphs summarise the workpackes of the project

WP1 - Preparation Work Package

The project idea and design were specified in the project proposal and detailed studies related to this will be conducted during the project. The outputs of the preparation work package will enable a smoothly and successful work to be realized throughout the project period.


WP2 - Analysis Work Package

In this work package ELTAB System Requirements Report (SRS) report will be prepared. SRS report will contain system, user, user interface and security requirement for ELTAB project. SRS report is main project report that will be used in design, development and test work packages. Product functions, user interface functions, end users, system constraints, design constraints and security will be determined in this work package. To determine this requirements research will be conducted.

A research about home sensors will be conducted in this work package. According to researches system a software requirement analysis will be conducted. Home sensors software, reminder tool and suggestion tool will be prepared for health care module. In social inclusion module activity table page and news from social services page will be designed and developed in second release. Also a web portal for medical staff will be designed and developed in second release.

SIM module will contain games for elder people. The number and features of games will be determined in this work package. Games interface shall be suitable for elder peoples. So in this work package user interface requirements for games will be analyzed.

In this work package requirements will be analyzed for second release SRS document will be prepared.


WP3 - Design Work Package

System architectural and detailed design will be prepared in this work package. All design activities will be developed in accordance with UML 2.0 standards. In design work package general work flow diagram of whole system and general system structure will be prepared in architectural design activity. Detail work flow diagram of whole modules and database model diagrams will be prepared in detailed design activity.

In architectural design of HCM for each module of the architecture, the services it offers and the technologies it uses will be described.

In detailed design of HCM includes the detailed design of the local subsystem (gateway) and the detailed design of the HCM-OS which provides a common operating platform so that the devices have a common understanding with the rest of the local system. In design work package we describe and analyse, a pervasive system architecture that integrates a number of cutting edge technologies to enable and support patients with congestive heart failure (CHF). The technological framework will be designed to be open to many other patient categories and can provide a general-purpose tool for remote monitoring with integrated medical inference and controlled decision making capabilities. In HCM detailed design of the remote system and the communication mechanisms between the local and the remote system will be specified.

In architectural design of SIM, data collection strategies is determined and the structure of SIM will be defined. In detailed design all functions and objects of SIM modules will be defined and designed with using UML diagrams. Games architecture and detailed design will be also prepared in this phase.

Web portal will be developed for medical staff. It will provide users to monitor the elder people results in the framework their authentication. ELTAB users can create a medical staff user and give authentication to medical staff user about monitoring their health results. The system architecture will be defined in “Web Portal Architectural Design” sub work package.


WP4 - Development Work Package

The system software will be developed by following the System Design Report prepared in the design work package

Modular structure will be developed separately and unit tests of these modules will be conducted by the software development team.

In healthcare module gateway software will be completed in first version. Gateway will collect data from medical devices and home sensors and will send collected data to the tablet. In social inclusion module the data form the social services will be collected by ELTAB system. This collection process may be via user interface or web service between social services According to analysis and design activities data collection software will be prepared in this work package.


The local subsystem platform will be developed. The local subsystem will collect data from various appliances via a local network, will process them and forward them in the remote subsystem. Local interaction scenarios can start automatically when a potentially dangerous situation is detected.

The HCM Operating System (HCM-OS) will be developed with the purpose  i) to provide a common interface between the devices and the gateway, in order to maintain a rich communication, and ii) to provide a common interface among the devices themselves, in order to form device communities.

The remote subsystem will collect and store measurements taken in the local subsystem and analyze data using part of the EuroScore II model to decide if there is a heart failure risk. Data analysis may derive pre-alarm or alarm states. In such a case the system either notifies its administrator to contact the patient or sends back to the local system the appropriate notification messages in order to be presented to the user using his local devices.

During the operation of the system, a large quantity of data needs to be transferred between the local and the remote subsystems. Therefore an efficient communication mechanisms need to be developed that would offer the required functionality.


In SIM development the data collection software will be prepared from regional services in this work package.

Also the monitoring, reporting and reminder tool will be developed in for this module. Reminder tool will take data from database and give an information about events, organizations date to the ELTAB user. Games like puzzle, memory games etc. will be designed and developed in this module. Number of games that are developed for ELTAB and game features will be determined in analysis work package.

Web Portal

Web portal will be developed for medical staff to provide monitoring the health results of ELTAB users. Web portal will contain user authentication and authorization. Only registered users will see user’s data within their authorization. Development of web portal will be realized in this work package.

 After the software development activity all modules functions will be tested by software developers. Unit testing activity will provide to test all modules individually. It provide to run all modules without errors individually. After unit testing activity all modules will be ready for integration and system testing.


WP5 - Test&Pilot Work Package

  •  In system testing activity system functions will be tested according to test procedures. The result of system testing will be defined in test report.
  • Integration tests integration of modules will be tested according to prepared scenarios.
  • Software bugs will be fixed by software developers in testing activity.
  • System and integration testing activity will be finalized when all scenarios results reported as a pass/ success.
  • After completion of the system testing process, the project will be opened for pilot implementation in development environment (servers)
  • Pilot feedbacks will be evaluated and required updates will be done in ELTAB system by project team.
  • System maintenance will be conducted according to pilot feedbacks.