Analogies S.A.

Analogies is an innovative intellectual property (SIP) design company that develops and markets high-speed wired and wireless connectivity (SW and HW based ) cores for telecommunication systems The company was founded in 2006 by a seasoned management team and SW/HW  designers from Intel’s high speed optical group and is headquartered in Patras Science Park, in Patras, Greece.
Analogies primary focus and expertise lies on gigabit capable high-speed front end PHYs with emphasis in (wired and wireless) communications functions (SERDES, VCOs, PLLs etc),high-speed interfaces (memory/bus PHY IFs) and connectivity, as well as on efficient (SW/HW) implementations of signal processing algorithms,  error correcting codes, equalization schemes, and baseband functionality for wireless (e.g. mobile backhaul) and wired  applications and SW/HW development for sensoring applications.
 Analogies has significant expertise and good record in working with other partners in  R&D projects having within this context participated in several important EU and Government funded ones, where among others it has been involved with success in the development of the HW/SW environment for supporting sensoring systems, like the one entitled “Autonomous sensors using optical nano-fibers for fish farming quality control”. For more details on company’s activities and products please see