Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus” (CTI)

The Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus” was established at1985 in Patras. It is under the supervision of the Greek Ministry of Education and its basic objectives are summarized as follows:

  • To conduct basic and applied research in the fields of Software and Hardware technologies, computer networks, telecommunications and the socio-economical influences of Information Society
  • To design and develop products and services in the field of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • To support the education and lifelong learning in the field of ICT and the Information Society
  • To develop technology and know-how transfer
  • To provide consulting, design and supporting services for the Greek Ministry of Education and the Greek public administration in general, concerning the Information Society

CTI, due to its role, has as main priority, Research and Development. It is open to all the research areas of Science and Technology in ICT; however, it focuses its activity to specific areas that have strategical impact. The research activity is balanced between basic and applied research. The research efforts of the institute are inspired by the frame and the aims of the research policy of the European Union in connection with the technological needs ofGreece. The main thematic areas, in which the basic research effort of RACTI is focused, are: Algorithms and Complexity, Parallel Architectures, Networks and Distributed systems, Digital Image systems, High Performance computing, Education Technology, Data Bases, Game Theory and Internet and Networking Economies.
This fundamental research is connected with the progress of applied research in areas, such as the Geographical Information Systems, Multimedia, Environmental monitoring, Telematics Services, New Technologies in Education, Medical Informatics, Expert Systems and Optimization of Industrial Production and Economy, Mobile services, Web technologies, Social networking applications to support education. CTI gives special attention to the relation of applied research with the needs of technological development ofGreece. The products of research and development, the ideas and the systems that are produced, are applied to the industry of services (and the fields of Education, Tourism, Health, Regional Innovation and Development) as well as the traditional industry. As a result, it does not restrict strictly at knowledge creation but also to technology production.
Role in the project:
CTI will contribute to the development of the healthcare software module. In particular, the developed system will integrate services in user’s space, which will help the user in taking the necessary medical measurements, in his own local space. At the same time, it will support remote monitoring of user activities, as they could provide more information about the user’s daily status. The system will gather information using medical devices and sensors in the user’s local space, it will filter this information and take decisions about the user’s status. When potentially negative trends are identified in the monitored health variables, the system will issue effective pre-alarms or alarms, involving the creation and execution of in-situ responses (such as audible and/or visible feedback) and external responses (engaging health service providers and other formal and informal health structures). 
Contact: Christos Goumopoulos (goumop AT cti dot gr)