BYS Group – Coordinator (TR)

BYS Group is a management consulting company and aims to provide consulting services in the fields of project management, information technologies (IT), statistics and biostatistics in health sector to public enterprises and to its numerous national-international sector leading notable business partners with the purpose of enhancing their brand value and corporate capacity. BYS Group presents concrete solutions and innovative ideas; programming to satisfactory purposes dealing with services to the corporations together with calculative results is committed to developing reasonable solutions to meet the need and applying these solutions with adopting global perspective as a principle.

 BYS Group provides below mentioned services,
Informatics: Database Design; Data Modelling; Data Integration; Data Collection, Data Cleaning and Data Management; Data Warehouse, ETL(Extract Transform Load) Processes; Design and Application of Data Mart and OLAP Cubes; Data Mining; Software Development and Process Management; Enterprise Event log Management and Security Auditing – INFRASKOPE; E-Mail Classification, Document Classification – TITUS; Image Processing and Video Analysis Systems; Smart Test  Systems Software – Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT); Item Bank Calibration.

Statistics: Statistics Analysis Applications; Multivariate, Longitudinal and Clustered Data Analysis; Simulation, Projection and Supply-Demand Forecasting ; Sampling Selection, Application and Effect Prospecting; Field Research Organization and Application; Data Mining, Processing, Analysis and Reporting; Application and Adaptation of International Statistical Classification Systems (CPC, CEPA, CORINE, EWC, CSTE, ICD, ICF, ISCED, ISCO, NACE, NST, NUTS, PRODCOM etc.); Statistical Modelling and Programming; Corporate Education Planning; Project Management Methodology Application and Follow-up.

 Biostatistics: Clinical and Observational Research Management; Field Study Management; Sample Size Calculation and Sample Selection; Randomization Plan; Statistical Analysis, Modelling and Programming; Statistical Packaged Software Application; Data Processing; Data Analysis and Reporting; Simulation, Data Mining and Modelling; Statistical Consultancy and Editorial Support for Publication, Announcement and Journal/Conference Submission; Clinical Research Data Management. Health and Medical Research Organization and Implementation; Corporate Education Planning; Advanced Statistical Analysis; Questionnaire Design and Application; Scale Development and Adaptation Process.


The Company located in technology development area in Gazi Teknopark in Ankara the Capital City of Turkey.