An ageing population is now the leading concern for higher healthcare costs due to more cases of chronic illnesses. Telemedicine systems based on modern Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are expected to play a pivotal role in alleviating the pressure on health care services. As a consequence hospital expenses are the main factor for rising costs in patient healthcare. However, many patients with non-life-threatening illnesses needing health monitoring do not necessarily require hospitalizations – they simply require monitoring via a remote system that encompasses intelligent capabilities to detect abnormalities, provide temporary advice and send urgent alerts to medical staff in the event of an emergency; all those abilities will be in the specifications of Elder Tablet. This tablet will also be designed to include elderly people into the social life.

The tablet will facilitate their participation into the community thus it will elevate their moods, make them feel useful and feel as part of the community.

The ELTAB system will have two modules:

  • First module, is the health-care module; this module will be able to collect daily information from health measurement instruments, everyday devices and home environment sensors.
  • Second module, is the social inclusion module;in this module the tablet will also inform elderly or offer links to available social sources and services.

 Moreover, there will be a reminder tool for planned activities, such as payments, social appointments, TV shows, etc. In the system, there will be a connection to social media as well as mass media. There will be a wide variety of applications from weather to puzzle